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Smartphone Tracking

Use today’s powerful smartphones to track your Family members, your Friends and everyone you care about.

Create groups and add everyone you love and care, or everyone you are interested about.
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Friends & Family service is currently available on Android.

Friends & Family

Why spending time on text or chat messages, when you can instantly know the whereabouts of your loved ones? Set up as many places as you like, so you can know just by opening the map on our app at your smartphone, when your children, any family member or even your friends arrived at their destination safely.

You’ll get notifications when they leave or arrive in any place you want to. Some popular places that you can set are:

  • Home
  • School
  • Gym
  • a friends home
  • Vacation location

and so on.

90 Days of Location History

Just like in video game maps, you can check out the history. See where your family has been and how they got there.

Stay connected with your loved ones.

Piece of Mind while they Drive

Have the full picture of the driving behaviour of your family.

Crash Detection & Emergency Response.

Keep your family protected on the road with our crash response system. You’ll get notification on your smartphone, when a member of the group is involved in a car accident. Every member of the group isntantly gets notified, so that even in the worst situation, everyone knows what is going on.

smartphones driver reports

Weekly Driver Reports

Safer drivers – Secured Family.

We let you know what occured during each drive with instant, detailed reviews. Information about the driver including alerts for Phone Usage, Rapid Acceleration, Hard Braking, and the Exceding Speed Limits, are shown on the map at the time of occurance.



Skytrack’s Friends & Family program is designed to bring everyone together! All you have to do is download two smartphone apps, one for you and one for the person you want to keep close.

google play store
GPRS Mobile app
GPRS app

Family & Friends

  • Use your Smartphone
  • Keep everyone close
  • Location alerts & history
  • Driver behaviour
  • Crash detection
  • Payments within app
  • Vat included

24/7 Support

Our apps are very easy to learn,
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we are here to help you.

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