GPRS Mobile app

Why GPRS mobile app?

Smartphones cannot act as standalone GPS devices. In order to do so an application is needed to be installed on the smartphone, so it can send the data.

GPRS Mobile is that kind of application, it’s usage is to give the ability to a smartphone to send data so it can be tracked. The app is installed on the smartphone you want to track, and turns the mobile phone into a GPS device, so you can view the location data with another application, the GPRS app on your smartphone.

How to install and run GPRS mobile app

Create an account at our platform

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On the smartphone you want to track:

Download GPRS mobile app from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

Currently only the android version is available.

Run the application and follow the instructions below:

This is the first screen you will see when you run the GPRS mobile app.

Add your email & password

Enter the email you registered at GPRS platform and the password you received.

Press Login

Press Allow.

Press OK.

Start Tracking

To be able to track that smartphone press START TRACKING and write down the code you see at the end of the screen.

To Stop Tracking

If you ever want to stop tracking that smartphone press STOP TRACKING.

On your smartphone

Download GPRS app from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

Open the application on your device.

Enter the email you registered with and the password you have received.

Click on the “Remember me” box if you don’t wish to type your credential each time you want to use the application and tap on the login button.

When you login into GPRS, click on Settings button located in top panel.

In Objects tab left bottom corner press

A new window will appear. Give a name to the smartphone (e.g. the name of the person that has that smartphone), enter the code you got from GPRS mobile app and press Save.

That’s it! You are can track that smartphone and bring your Friends & Family together!