Fleet Management Platform

Easy to Use - Simple to Master

All in one with GPRS! Control your fleet easily and efficiently with our user-friendly application. Our GPS tracking devices provide real time information flow, allowing access to a variety of fleet management features online.

Receive instant alerts and notifications in your smartphone, tablet or PC. Stay connected with your business assets on the go, from any part of the world.

How it works?

Step 2

Your devices can now transmit live data to your personal GPRS

Βήμα 3

Monitor your fleet in real time through your smartphone, tablet or PC with the GPRS application.


Fleet Tracking

All vehicles in one application. GPRS allows you to control your entire fleet through a simple application.

Anti-theft Protection

Skytrack tracking devices integrate a theft tracking and protection system!

Αναλυτικό Ιστορικό

Access to detailed route history. See in detail the driving and stopping times of your vehicles, the distance traveled and a variety of personalized alerts.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive instant updates on events that interest you. Notifications when something happens.


See detailed reports. Customize the reports according to your needs.

Fleet Tasks

Assign real-time tasks to any vehicle.

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