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From simple tracking and sensors activity, to fleet management and data integration.

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Companies installing Skytrack’s GPS fleet management system gain a huge advantage over the insight of their business. Having direct control and management over vehicle’s location, routes, POIs, fuel consumption, time work-sheets, maintenance schedule, driver behaviour, sensors activity (temperatures, open\closed doors and many more) gives you the ability to maximize your profits while reducing your day to day management efforts.

Increase efficieny, customer service, productivity and company profit while reducing costs and wasting valuable time.

Areas of application

  • Companies that own from one vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, boat) to a large fleet.

  • Industries that need to monitor sensors such as temperature (pasteurization, fridges, production, transportation).

  • Enterprises that need to improve equipment security.


  • Food & Beverage.
  • Distribution & Transportation.
  • Production & Construction.
  • Delivery & Service.
  • Waste management.
  • Security companies.
  • Oil, Gas & Mining.


We gathered the countless features of GPRS tracking platform in one place. Check them out!



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You don’t need to read a magicians spell book to increase the revenue of your company!



Companies with large fleets

Transportation, vehicle leasing and taxi companies with a large fleet of vehicles often find it very hard to maintain, analyze, reduce cost and yield its dynamics. That happens because there isn’t a fleet management system installed and in case there is one, the information never reaches the right people.

Reporting and analyzing is the tool for success but even then, frustration often occurs from lack of organization.

Customized reports and role specific information for each user of the system according to his\her access ensures the right information reaches the right people. No longer cluttered data inconsistent with requirements. You get only the relevant data so you can extract the information that is needed. Managers & Executives get reports that helps them make the tight decision.

fleet management view

See the big picture

Summarized reports are critical for performance thus building strategies that lead to future development. Exporting data and statistical reports for any period related to scheduled routing, e.g. time of working or stopping, mileage, etc. is a piece of cake. Graph displays visuallize the outcome.

Fleet management Scheduling & Dispatching

Scheduling & Dispatching

Having the knowledge of fleets’ real-time location and what the drivers are currently working on gives you the ability to make smarter choices for your customers, reduce unnecessary windshield time for your drivers, and increase the accuracy of ETAs.
Having the system calculating optimum route makes your life easier reducing costs and time wasting.

ERP integration

GPRS integrates with all major ERP systems. Data integration with key business systems give advantage over multiple & complex problems and questions. GPRS and customers’ ERP exchange information such as analytical data sheets for each vehicle (invoices, contracts, service appointments, costs etc.)

Invoices & Accounting

You are 3 clicks away, its so easy! One click can turn a quote into a job, another one can turn a job into an invoice. A final one closes the task after the invoice is paid.

Assets utilization

Assets utilization

Monitoring all high-value assets of the company, you’ll know quickly which equipment could be getting you a better return. Relocate or sell unused assets, and improve the ROI on what you’ve got.

Fleet management all in one

LOB software – All in one

Are you tired of having various programs to manage different sectors of your business? Skytrack’s LOB software is easy, light and incorporated all sectors of a modern business in one software making data exhange fast as lighting!

What do you get?

  • A non detectable tracking device suitable for cars, trucks, lorries and any kind of vehicle, which requires a simple installation. Even expensive GPS anti-theft devices require an external GPS antenna to function. However, it is very easy for an experienced thief to notice the external GPS antenna and remove it, thus completely deactivating the anti-theft system. Skytrack equipment does not need an external GPS antenna or other sensors to operate. It is equipped with an active GPS antenna of high sensitivity that is integrated into the device. This feature makes it completely invisible, while dramatically restricting wiring inside the vehicle.

  • A tri-band global SIM card (mobile provider costs are included) so you can track your fleet of vehicles at the other side of the world.

  • 1 Month Free tracking services in GPRS Tracking Platform.

  • Free Worldwide shipping with express courier (delivery within 3-4 working days).


One month of free tracking service with every device!

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Monthly renewal cost of tracking service at 7.99€ per month


  • Tracking Device for bikes
  • Global Sim Card included
  • 1 Month Free tracking service
  • Free Woldrwide Shipping

Life time waranty for the duration of service!

Money back guarantee within 14 days. We will return your money within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

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For us is vital to maintain accurate response times to schedule appointments and emergency calls. GPRS with the dispatching jobs ability took our business to the next level.


We use Skytracks’ GPRS all day, every day. It has become an integral part of our business. Temperature monitoring ensures the delivery of quality products.


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