How can your system help me?2016-09-24T15:28:24+00:00

By installing Skytracks’ GPS devices and using GPRS tracking platform, the benefits will appear instantly.

  • Administation of fleet is made easy
  • Reduction in cost maintenance and fuel costs
  • Better organization of routing which in turn helps you deliver more to your customers on the same time.
  • Worksheets and payroll administration
  • Job administration, dispatching, communication costs reduction

and many many more, the possibilities are endless


Everybody does fleet, why yours is better?2017-05-12T23:00:52+00:00

Forget about competition and their marketing strategies that “only they can do one thing or the other”.

Skytrack doesn’t do just fleet, we manage fleet. From simple tracking to sensor activities to ERP integrated solutions.

Flexibility is our advantage.

Customer service is our way of thinking. We take pride that no customer of ours has ever left for a competitor, since you are trully not a customer but a partner of ours!

Is it ok to inform my staff about the GPS installation?2016-10-09T19:09:42+00:00

In general we suggest our customers to inform their staff, so they can increase their performance.

Do you offer training?2016-10-09T19:11:57+00:00

Yes of course, it is free of charge. Our experienced staff do it on online.

Do I get a discount if I have a large number of vehicles?2016-09-24T15:10:46+00:00

There are pricing option for enterprices with large number of vehicles such as car rental or transportation companies. Please contact us to get a quote.

Is there a software annual cost?2016-11-03T22:05:58+00:00

No, none whatsoever

Is there a web access charge?2016-09-24T15:03:35+00:00

No the only web access charge is the one you pay to your internet provider for acces to the internet.

Do I have a no extra charges guarantee?2016-09-24T15:02:39+00:00

Yes there are no hidden charges with Skytrack

Do I own the product or is it rented?2016-09-24T15:01:44+00:00

The GPS devices are owned by you since day one. No rentals.

How do I pay?2017-11-04T20:07:35+00:00

Currently we accept paypal, credit and debit cards through paypal and bank transfer.

Why do I need to pay a fee for tracking?2017-03-05T20:19:30+00:00

The fee you pay Skytrack is for covering the data costs associated with the SIM card in your GPS device.

Moreover there are licences fees for map usage, data mainaining servers costs, help and desk facilities and programming staff that are constantly updating the software adding new features.

Can I stop the service whenever I want?2016-09-24T14:54:57+00:00

Yes you can. There are no contracts involved, you can stop the service whenever you want.

How much does it cost?2016-09-24T14:42:02+00:00

There are many different options regarding the cost. Please check out the pricing page. Moreover you can contact us at any time.

What is your upgrade policy?2016-10-09T19:18:03+00:00

All updates and upgrades are available free of charge. You don’t have to do anything, since its web based, you will find out the updates the next time you log in. Of course major updates are being communicated to our customers before they are applied.

Can data be exported to external files or spreadsheets?2016-11-04T22:31:02+00:00

Yes our software supports data exporting to many different formats for further evaluation. All popular formats are there.

Can I try it for free?2017-03-05T20:19:30+00:00

Yes, if you are a company we can install a device for 30 days, in order for you to evaluate why we are better than the competition. You pay for the device and the shipping fees and afte 30 days, in case you are not happy, you send us back the device (you pay the shipping fees) and we refund the money you paid for the device.

If you are a company and already own a device, or you are a person that you want to keep track of your car, the only thing you have to do is to create an account on our tracking platform and register your device. You can track it for free for 15 days.

How long is the data retained?2016-10-09T19:26:32+00:00

Usually up to 6 months, it depends on your needs and requirements.

What warranty do you provide?2016-10-09T19:27:52+00:00

Skytrack’s GPS devices have a one year warrany.

What about privacy of GPS data?2016-09-24T14:11:46+00:00

Skytrack values privacy. Any collected data is not made availble to anyone, unless is required by the law or requested by a court.

Is the SIM card global?2016-09-24T14:10:09+00:00

Yes it is, no roaming charges if your vehicles travel to the other side of the world. No hiden chages!

How many users can I have with access to the system?2016-10-09T19:28:32+00:00

You can have unlimmited number of users with access, eachone with distinctive log in details.

Moreover each user can have certain previlidges to what he\she can view.

Can i use the data collected on my ERP program?2016-10-09T19:30:31+00:00

Yes you can, Skytrack’s GPRS open API (json format) was designed for that purpose, to be able to integrate with installed ERPs and interchange data.

Is your system difficult to use?2016-09-24T13:59:28+00:00

GPRS tracking platform is designed with user friendliness in mind. The user interface is constantly updatd based on feedback from our customers.

What is the difference between your tracing platform and the server?2016-09-24T13:54:40+00:00

Tracking server is a software used mainly for companies that require advance features and most of all integration with ERP. Of course you can use both but tracking platform is more user friendly and easy to learn.

What type of internet connection do I need?2017-03-05T20:19:30+00:00

To use the system on a computer you will need an internet connection. The faster the better. The slower internet connection affects the response and refresh time and navigation within the map.

What kind of maps are you using?2017-03-05T20:19:30+00:00

All kinds of maps are availble, you can choose live inside the software what suits you best!

How many parameters can I track?2016-09-24T13:48:36+00:00

As many as you want, any sensor can be integrated and provide data, valuable for you.

How many vehicles can be tracked?2016-09-24T13:47:39+00:00

As many as you want, there is no limit!

Can I track them from home?2016-11-05T19:43:57+00:00

Certainly. All you need is a web browser capable computer or mobile device. Moreover you can use a mobile app.

Do I have to install a program on my company’s computers?2016-09-24T13:43:17+00:00

No, you can track your vehicles from a browser. No need to install anything.

What kind of a computer system do I need to use your system?2017-03-05T20:19:31+00:00

Any kind of a computer system with an internet browser is capable of displaying the web based software.

More over you can use the system with a laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

Particularly for smartphones there are applications for every major OS, that makes log in and use faster, easier, simpler.

So, do you provide a SIM card?2016-11-05T19:49:39+00:00

Yes we provide the SIM card necessary for the transmission of the data from the GPS devices to the servers.

What Garmin navigators does Skytrack integrate with?2016-11-05T19:57:14+00:00

Skytracks’ GPRS integration with Garmin navigators, makes possible to give to your drivers the benefits of a navigation device combined with

  • messaging capabilities
  • jobs to be completed
  • efficient routing to the customers
  • feedback of completed jobs
  • acccurate ETAs

GPRS integrates with many of the Garmin navigator series.

I don’t have a company, can I track my own car?2016-11-05T20:00:26+00:00

Yes, of course you can track any car. Please consider that if you wish to track somebody else’s car, e.g. your wife’s car, you need to have her permission to do so.

What if the system does not locate the vehicle?2016-11-05T20:08:27+00:00

In certain cases, such as interference from tall buildings, or if the vehicle is parked into an undergound garage, GPS signal is weakened, so you may not get a clear view of the location. The same applies when the vehicle is travelling inside a long tunel or uses an undersea passage.

Don’t worry, the minute the vehicle receives a strong GPS signal will send it’s location.

Weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog etc that affect competitors systems, DO NOT affect Skytracks’ GPRS.

If the hardware looses connectivity, will I loose the data?2017-03-05T20:19:31+00:00

No, the hardware will store the data internally and will upload them to the server once connectivity is established.

What kind of vehicles does your hardware work with?2016-11-05T20:14:00+00:00

Our devices can work with all types of vehicles. Moreover it can work with motorcycles, boats and helicopteres.

Where are the devices manufactured?2016-09-22T21:22:26+00:00

We use the best devices in the world by Teltonika Corp. (Lithuania)

Can someone tamper the device?2017-03-05T20:19:32+00:00

It is very difficult and usually when that happens is faul play. There is an alert if such a case occurs and you will receive an email or SMS notifying you about it.

How often does the system update the postion of the vehicle?2016-11-05T20:18:36+00:00

Approximately every second. Various factors can affect that, but the maximum update position time doesn’t exceed 10sec.

I have some devices from a competitor, can I use those?2016-11-05T20:23:00+00:00

It depends whether they are compatible with Skytrack’s GPRS. If they are, yes you can use those, provided that they are operational.

Can I track trailers?2016-09-22T21:08:28+00:00

Yes most definately, trailers and any other mobile device.

How does the GPS technology works?2017-03-05T20:19:33+00:00

faqpost1Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites transmit signals with data that indicate its location and the current time to equipment on the ground. GPS receivers (devices) receive the satellite signals but they do not transmit. Each GPS satellite transmitt at the same instant, synchronized by atomic clocks, but the arrival of the signal to the receiver differs according to the distance between the satellite and the receiver. The distance to the GPS satellites can be determined by estimating the amount of time it takes for their signals to reach the receiver. When the receiver estimates the distance to at least four GPS satellites, it can calculate its position in three dimensions. There are at least 24 GPS satellites in orbit of Earth at all times signaling.

With a GPS receiver, the location can be determined anywhere on Earth. Mapping and navigational software can be used with GPS technology to track the movement and location of vehicles eqquiped with a receiver.

GPS vehicle tracking systems use the Internet as an interface to allow you to control your GPS system, while wireless & cellular technologies are utilized to send and receive GPS requests and location information to and from the vehicle.

How does vehicle GPS tracking work?2016-11-06T09:27:06+00:00

GPS Tracking devices contain two modules:

A. GPS module: This module receive the data from the GPS satellites.
B. Sim card module: This module transmits the data with the aim of a SIM card to our servers.Once the information is received in our servers, a special software process it and presents it to you in our GPS Tracking web system called GPRS.

What is the best tracking device?2016-11-06T09:26:04+00:00

That depends on the specific usage and objectives you have, some devices will perform better than others. Our technical department is at your disposal, they will be happy to help you in selecting the most appropriate GPS device. Please contact us to help you!

Does the device need installation?2016-11-05T21:02:22+00:00

It depends on the device you choose. Some devices are plug & play and you can simply put it in the OBD socket of the vehicle.

Other devices require installation. This is done by our secialized technicians. Moreover there many qualified technicians that can do the installation instead of us, should you wish so.

What parameters can you monitor?2016-09-22T21:09:28+00:00

You name it, we got it. Any sensor device that can be connected to the GPS device, can be monitored, thus transmitting valuable data. Temperature, fuel, events like opening and closing doors, tyres, engines, drivers’ ID, speed, tachographs are some of them.

Can I transfer the GPS unit to another vehicle?2017-03-05T20:19:33+00:00

Absolutely! But keep in mind that an installation will be needed to the new vehicle.

We have a better solution than transfering the device, the portable GPS unit.

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