Skytrack e-ticket

Transforming Public Transportation

Issuing & Validating Ticket Systems

Skytrack has a wide range of automatic ticketing machines for issuing and validating tickets, that can meet your every need. These machines are easily adaptable to any automatic payment system.

Validating Machines

There are various types of validating machines, most common are:

• Paper single and return tickets
• Contactless cards
• Both Paper tickets and Contactless cards.


Ticket issuing machines are also available for:

• Issuing tickets within the bus by accepting coins.
• Ticketing by the driver.
• Issuing tickets at stations, stops and docks, by accepting coins, bank notes, smart and contactless cards, credit cards, giving back change, all connected with a centralized remote management system.


Passenger Information System (PIS)

Skytracks’ passenger information (display) system (PIS) is an electronic information system which provides real-time passenger information. It may include both predictions about arrival and departure times, as well as information about the nature and causes of disruptions. It may be used both physically within a transportation hub or a transportation mean and remotely using a web browser or a smartphone.

LED displays and screens

Skytrack has a complete and innovative range of LED displays and screens for passenger information at stations, stops, transit zones. The highly effective LED message labels with optimal readability are suitable for all carriers of public transport.
Skytrack, having more than 20 years experience in manufacturing variable data plates, uses the most sophisticated components, tailored to the operational needs and design of its products. Stability, ease of maintenance, leakproofness, ventilation are solid indications of the perfect construction of our displays.

The convenient of the information given is highly accepted and appreciated by the commuters.

Personalised channels (web, mobile device, or kiosk) will normally be set up to mimic the view from a station or stop but may in addition be linked to journey planners. Using such systems a passenger may (re)plan their journey to take into account current circumstances (such as cancelled services or excessive delays).

SKY e-ticket

Sky e-ticket is an online application designed to expand the ticketing network and enable the passenger to get his ticket directly using his mobile phone without having to go to ticket issuing points.

The passenger can buy at any time the ticket within the application, for either immediate or future use, and it is up to him to decide when the ticket will be validated. On boarding, the passenger will have to scan and validate the issued ticket. With Sky e-ticket, the passenger can buy a one-way ticket as well as an unlimited route card. He can complete his purchase via a credit card, while he can save the data of the credit card he has already used or even add new cards. Upon completion of the purchase, he can cancel his ticket at any time he wishes. For limited time tickets, validity starts from the time of their validation at a scaner machine until their expiration.


Sky e-ticket has multiple benefits for both the company that sells its products through it and the consumer.

  • Adds a new distribution channel for its products

  • Revenue from this channel of selling tickets is credited directly to the customer without the need of further action collecting them (such as Kiosks)

  • Real time tracking services provide customers with accurate estimated time of arrival

  • Optimizing bus capacity through accurate planning of trips by customers and e-ticketing

  • There is no cost of printing and distributing tickets (e.g. paper, transfer to selling points)

  • Complete control over sales volume and revenue through this channel using back office.
  • If the customer desires, he can check the control mechanism, as data can be sent and received, on when and how many tickets have been checked by a particular conductor

  • Upgrading the profile of the company, as one that monitors developments in technology and generally in market

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