Welcome to Skytrack

Skytrack is a Greek software company (SaaS) based in Thessaloniki. It was founded by industry professionals, with many years of experience in software systems and design, telemetry, integrated computer systems, communications and database design and their implementation. The absolute advantage of Skytrack is that the software of all the services offered by the company is designed and developed exclusively by our specialized staff, giving us the advantage to adapt to each customer’s needs and offer them the best possible solutions. Skytrack focuses mainly on GPS vehicle fleet management tracking systems and the company soon became the fastest growing in the field of fleet management and GPS tracking in Greece. Skytrack’s systems are suited both for individuals who want to monitor their vehicle and businesses of all sizes that focus on improving customer service and their activities in real time by earning maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

Skytrack is the path that will lead each of its partners in the developments of the future!

Who we are

Our Mission

Every requirement from our customers is a new challenge for us! Every "peak" that Skytrack conquers is a commitment to continuous research and development.
Skytrack dares and makes the impossible, possible!

Our Vision

The design and adaptation of high-quality products and services, through research, development, innovation, but also the “know-how” we already have. We offer solutions and applications suitable for every need.

Our Promise

Providing high quality and long-lasting products and services focusing on the customer's need, at the most competitive price on the market!

Customer Service

Our responsibility is the provision of timely and valid support to our customers, with respect, consistency, and efficiency.
Armed with our experience and expertise, we lead our customers into the future

Why choose us?

Skytrack handles all hardware and technology issues so that customers can focus on their business, without the need to worry about installation and support. The results are immediate: reduced costs, improved customer service and increased profitability through efficiency. The company’s support team is available 24/7 and is there to solve any problem, answer any question, or anything else our customers may need.

Our Partners