Carry your fleet with you

Just a simple touch.

With our mobile app, ease of use gets a new meaning. Everything you need at the tip of your finger, instantly. Tracking, events, history, settings and many more whenever you want them, wherever you want them.

Carry your fleet in your pocket.

When business doesn’t stop, why should you? Access key information about your business with our mobile fleet management app. View needed information, anywhere, anytime. It’s not about what you can do, its about what our app can do for you.

Connect your fleet with your office and your office with your fleet.

Everything you need to know, everything you care or worry about, on the palm of your hand with GPRS mobile app. View jobs, schedules, the location of your drivers or your assets, check out events that happened, its location and find out why. Go mobile taking your office with you.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Access the Dashboard

Get full functionality with access of everything

Amazing App Features

Quickly access the dashboard, live map, reports, alerts and many more

History & Replay

Access of historical data, see what has happened

Amazing App Features

View animated vehicle journeys in route replay. Access historical data, routes and journeys in an instant.

Quickly Locate

Choose any or all vehicles to display their data.

Amazing App Features

Monitor speeding, late starts, excess idling, aggressive driving and every other feature you are interested in for any vehicle ot object.

Object Settings

Choose any object and control its settings right from the app

Amazing App Features

Choose the object you want to track, change its settings and monitor the events.


View events that interests you as they happen.

Amazing App Features

Track your vehicles in real time and monitor events that you choose.

Push Notifications

Get instant notifications when an event occurs.

Amazing App Features

Have anything you want to be notified about, at your screen on the go.

We Make Your life Easier

Live Stats Anywhere

Locate your vehicles, monitor their routes, get notifications and reports about events that are happening on the go. Get history reports, analyze data and have a complete overview about what is happening now, anywhere, anytime, from the convenience of your smartphone.

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Beautiful User Interface

Discover the beautiful, user friendly and easy to learn interface of our app. Everything you need, within a single click. We believe in simplicity and functionality, two aspects incorporated in our app from day one. But don’t take our word on that, download the app and try it.

  • Available object list.

  • Current object position.

  • Last connection time.

  • Speed & Time.

  • Sensor Parameters.

  • Important Notifications.

  • Events, Reports & Graphs.

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Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.

tracking app screenshot 4
tracking app screenshot 1
tracking app screenshot 2

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

Skytrack’s philosophy is centered around you, the end user of our systems, our customer. We believe in simplicity, flexibility, ease of use and functionality. Having those four pillars as our main goal, our expert programmers team developed and created, what we believe is the best tracking platform and fleet management application on the market. We took an extra step in paying attention in designing combined with functionality, wrapped up with clear menu selections boosting the ease of use. A new user that downloads and installs it, needs approximately five minutes to master it. Check it out yourself, you will be surprised.

Skills We Use

Objective-C 95%
User Interface 89%
Designing 97%
Python 90%

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