How to begin using GPRS app?

1. Create an account at our platform

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2. Download GPRS app from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

3. Open the application on your device.

4. Enter the email you registered with and the password you have received.

5. Click on the “Remember me” box if you don’t wish to type your credential each time you want to use the application and tap on the login button.

That’s it. You can now use GPRS application to track your vehicles.

Quick start

After login you you will be directed to the Map screen where you can view your vehicles.

Each red arrow represents a vehicle. Red colour means the vehicle is stopped and green  colour means the vehicle is in motion (you can change the colours in the settings section). When vehicle is moving, it leaves a green trail behind representing a trace of locations it has passed from.

You can view vehicle’s information on the map, by tapping on the arrow. If you tap again on the arrow the information window disappears.

With the menu on the screens’ top right corner you can easily and quickly select the map of your choice.

On the left side of the screen there is a vertical bar with icons. Use the + –  symbols to zoom in and out of the map. Use the arrow icon to select whether you want your vehicles to be displayed on the map or not.

Tapping on the icon you can activate or deactivate vehicle groups.

Tapping on the icon you can enable or disable live street data on the map (this feature is only supported by google maps).

Main menu

There are 6 icons on the main menu screen, all representing various functions of the application. By tapping on the Manual icon you will be transfered to applications’ user manual amd by tapping on the Log out icon you will log out of the application.

By tapping on the Map icon on the main menu, you will be transfered to the map screen for live viewing of your vehicles.

By tapping on the Objects icon on the main menu you will be transfered to objects screen, where you can simultaneously check the condition of all your vehicles.

When the icon is green the device has GPS signal

When the icon is orange the device has only mobile phone signal

When the icon is grey then the device is off line

When the icon is blye then the vehicle appears on the map

When the icon is grey then the vehicle doesn’t appear on the map.

Tap on the magnifying glass fo choose multiple vehicles to follow on the map. The map auto calibrates to contain all choosen vehicles and not only one.

It displays general information about the vehicle’s location and the sensor status of the device. Tapping on the back icon brings you to the home screen.

By tapping on the Events icon on the main menu you will be transferred to events / notifications screen. You can view the notifications and events that have happened, such as entrance or exit from a feofence, battery removal, etc. Tapping on an event you are transferred on the map to view the exact location where this event occurred. On the top right of the screen you can select the number of the event that has occurred.

Tappin on the History icon on the main menu the screen changes to vehicle’s history search screen. You can choose the vehicle that tracking history interests you, the date and time, the stoppage time, the number of stops and any events that have happened during the trip. By tapping on the View icon you can view the vehicle’s history while tapping on the Back icon returns you to the main menu.

If you have tapped on history you will view tracking history of each vehicle with the events and stop reports. In the top right of the screen, you can select the map of your choice. There are 3 icons at the bottom of the screen.

1. Selecting the Graph icon the following screen is displayed. You can choose to view the vehicle’s speed graph and the various sensors, by selecting the speed icon. With the <> icons you can move the graph left or right while with + – icons you can zoom in or out.

2. Selecting the Route icon the following screen will be displayed

In this screen you can view information about the route of the vehicle, the stops, their duration etc. Taapping on an event you will be transferred at the map’s location where the event has occurred.

3. The Hide icon deletes the history.

The Object control icon on the main menu, transfers you to the command control of your devices, in case you want to send a command to the device. Use the back icon to return to the main menu.

Tapping on the Settings icons you can view the settings menu. You can make various arrangements according to your preferences. Use the back icon to return to the main menu.

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